How to Get Rid Of Eye Floaters

You are trying to focus on something but are not able to do so, since you feel something is floating in your eyes. If the problem goes away by wiping your eyes, then the situation isn’t worrisome. However, if the problem persists and the situation becomes even worse, then it means you have certain floaters inside your eyes which should be removed at the earliest possible. It is worth-mentioning here that almost everyone has these eye floaters and they are generally harmless considering they move with the movement of the eye ball. In appearance, they are fuzzy and translucent bits. For some, they may appear or feel like dust particles, soot, spider or cobwebs, worms, dark streaks, or rings which may sometime float in your field of vision. If you think they worry you, then you can easily get rid of them.


  • 1

    Red wine and Carrot Juice

    It is somehow believed that drinking carrot juice twice a day and red wine is good for any problems associated with the eyes.

  • 2

    Morning Exercise

    One reason behind eye problems is increasing weight. If you don't want to have any eye problems then it is advised to have some light exercise in the morning such as walk or jogging. The early morning exercise is not only advised because of its advantages for your eyes, but also for your heart.

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    Keep the eyes clean

    Considering that floaters are a form of dirt, so it is good to keep your eyes clean. As you get up in the morning or come back from outside, always wash your eyes thoroughly.

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    Eye Drops

    There are various eye drops available in drug stores that are used for different purposes. One good thing for eyes is Rose Water, which keeps the eyes clean and prevents infections.

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