How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps

Razor bumps not only look bad but are also quite painful. They can either stay for a few minutes on your skin or for a couple of days. It depends on the razor you are using and particular skin type that you have. Keep in mind that these annoying razor bumps mostly resemble acne. If you don’t want a beard, this is the price you have to pay. However, there are few things you can do to quickly treat these irritating.

Things Required:

– Lotion or cleanser
– Corticosteroid cream
– Benzoyl peroxide
– After-shave cream
– New razors
– Shaving cream


  • 1

    Apply lotion or cleanser

    You should use lotion or cleanser after shaving. Men can even use aftershave lotion. You might feel a burning sensation in the start but these conditioners will eventually treat the bumps. In addition to this, they will reduce the redness on your skin and keep it healthy.

  • 2

    Use different techniques

    You need to allow your hair to grow again after a few hours or at least half a day and apply a different shaving technique this time. In case you shave in a downward motion, you need to try in an upward motion. Hopefully this change in technique will reduce the amount of razor bumps.

  • 3

    Use corticosteroid cream

    In order to lower the redness and swelling, you can apply a corticosteroid cream. In addition to this, you can use benzoyl peroxide on the razor bumps. This ointment not only lowers the bumps but also help prevent rashes from developing.

  • 4

    Try different aftershave, creams and razors

    You should try different type of aftershave, creams, lotions, razors and methods of shaving. By this you will determine whether you are having an allergic reaction to anything you have used before.

  • 5

    Shave in the shower or bath

    It is advisable for you to shave in the shower or bath as your skin won’t dry out. You need to shave smoothly, calmly and with caution. Remember that razor bumps are mostly formed when you shave hastily.

  • 6

    Use new razors

    It is recommended to use new razors as older ones pull your skin and causes irritation. This eventually forms razor bumps on your skin.

  • 7

    Give your face some rest for few days

    After using a razor on your skin, you need to give your face some rest for almost two to three days. This will allow for your to skin recover. You can use an electric shaver or trimmer in order to give time for your skin to recover.

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