How to Get Rid of Smoke Allergy

Getting contaminated with excessive smoke can prove to be suffocating even for a healthy person. However, there are some who cannot tolerate even a puff of smoke released from the cigarette. Although, it is believed that some people are allergic to smoke, but studies have revealed that there isn’t anything like smoke allergy. The fact is that the discomfort caused by smoke is due to the presence of certain toxic chemicals and irritants in it. Therefore, if someone is allergic to smoke, he or she may have certain symptoms like water in eyes with burning sensation, dripping nose, nasal congestion and unusual coughing. However, it is not very difficult to avoid smoke allergy or irritation but knowing a few tips can be helpful in minimizing its effect.


  • 1

    Prevention is the best cure

    Considering that prevention from something is better than curing it, so it is advised that you should avoid getting contaminated with smoke particularly where the ventilation is poor.

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    Eliminate Smoke Allergy triggers

    If you are smoke sensitive, then it is good to eliminate all smoke allergy triggers from your house. This can include carpets and furniture, as they often trap smoke particles.

  • 3

    No Smoking message

    It may not be decent asking someone not to smoke in your presence. For this reason, it is good to paste a NO SMOKING sticker, poster or board where it is easily visible to all others.

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    No Fire in the house

    Another good thing to do is stop lighting fires in your house as it may result in an allergic reaction. Try using electrical burners that do not require any lighting.

  • 5

    Air Humidifier for Chemical Filtration

    Using an air humidifier can also cut down the presence of smoke particles in the air. It is advised to install an air humidifier that is used for chemical filtration, because it does not only purify the air but also traps particles like pet hair and mold spores.

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