How to Get Rid Of Your Enemies Easily

Enemies have many shapes and forms and are basically out there to cause emotional or physical harm to you. Although, sometimes we are not even sure of what our enemies want yet we spend so much time protecting ourselves from any sort of aggression from the enemy. Devising strategies to beat them, takes more than just time from our lives.


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    Be the bigger person

    You should extend your hand of friendship in order to put an end to differences between you and your enemy. Be the bigger person, because it takes more of a man to shun away from a fight than to indulge in one. If you really do have any enemy, you would know how much hate it brings out of you. With that, it takes a lot of time and pollutes your mind. If these things take a toll on you then the best option for you is to approach your enemy with a white flag to send a message across to your enemy, that this is where the whole fight ends.  If your enemy is a sane person, he/she will listen to you.

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    Identify you enemy

    You might not always be right with your perceptive skills, so you should first be sure of your true enemy, and then act accordingly. You should know the weaknesses of your enemy, and with that their strengths as well. If you think that your enemy is worthy enough to be even considered as a friend, then approach your enemy and come to terms with each other. Make your enemy understand that all this hate that both of you give each other is pointless and could be turned into positive energy.

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    Defeat your enemy

    If an offer of friendship does not seem to be the right option for your relationship, then find out ways to defeat your enemy once and for all. To defeat the enemy, you will have to make sure that you are well prepared. Although, your enemy will always have a defensive posture around you, make sure you break their defences and send the message across.

    Words can start or stop wars, so choose your words wisely. When you are conversing with your enemy tell him/her what you want from this relationship. Tell them that you want this to end and put it behind you. If you take the initiative, it will give you an upper hand over your enemy.

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