How to Get Russia Tourist Visit Visa from London

United Kingdom and Russia share good relations whether you talk about political contacts, Prime Ministers visiting each others countries, bilateral agreements or economic cooperation. These relations are not just limited to the top tiers, general public of both countries also feel good about each other. As result of that, many people from both countries visit each other every year for different purposes i.e. some seek business opportunities, some come for tourism and etc. Still there are numerous people in London, which don’t know how to get tourist visa of Russia. To help such people here is step by step guide to get Russia tourist visit visa from London.


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    a) Your passport should be valid at least for six months after visa’s expiry date. Also your passport should have no less than two blank pages, which do not need to be in a row or consecutive.

    b) Provide a recent passport size photograph, which should be taken against a light background. You should past your photograph to the indicated place on the visa application form.

    c) Also provide a 'Tourist Confirmation' and 'Tourist Voucher' which should be signed and stamped by an authorized person. You can obtain these documents either from an approved travel agent who deals in trips to Russia or from your hotel. These documents should remain valid during your entire trip to Russia. Stamp and all other details should be clearly readable.

    d) Large cruise ships passengers don’t require a visa to stay in Russia for up to 72 hours. This privilege is only for the passengers of organized tourist group. However, tourists who want to go away the ship in a group of less than five need visa to do that.

    e) Company directors, self employed, unemployed and those who work from home should provide their bank statements of previous three months. The current balance of your account shouldn’t go down than £100 per day during your visit to Russia. This clause does not apply on housewives, students and retired persons. In case of online banking printouts, make sure that they are stamped by your bank and will be certified.

    f) Those who wish to go for auto tourism should also provide ‘Registration Certificate’ of the vehicle they have planned to travel by, along with covering letter which should be specify the details of their route, journey and names of travellers accompanying them.

    For further details regarding tourist visa visit this website.

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    Download Application Form

    You should fill and print your tourist visa application form only from this website. Make sure that your admission and exit dates on application form should match or go down within the period you have provided in the supporting documents.

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    Visa Fee

    When applying at the Visa Application Centre aspirants have the alternative of submitting their visa fees:

    a)      cash

    b)      Credit/Debit card

    Following are the fees of Russian visa:

    Normal applications (7 calendar days):

    £26.40 (inclusive of VAT)

    Urgent applications (next working day service):
    £33.60 (inclusive of VAT)

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    Submission of Application Form

    Don’t forget to choose the location of Visa Centre which you intend to visit and also select the estimated time or date of submitting your application. In case of not choosing these details you may be requested by the visa officers to fill a new application form.

    Before submission verify that you have completely filled the form and also signed it. Be sure that your visa application form sign should match the one in your passport. After verifying, submit your form at the Russia Visa Application Centre along with all required documents, visa fee and your passport.

    Visa applications are received at Russia Visa Application Centre in London from Monday to Friday from 0830 to 1500.

    Russia Visa Application Centre in London

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    Processing Time

    Processing times differ from request to request and are on the sole discretion of the Russian Consulate. To get more information about processing time of Russian visa, you can visit website.

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    Track Your Visa Application

    By filling in your few key details on this website, you can check the progress of visa application.

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    Receive Your Visa

    When your application for visa gets approved then, you can collect it from the Russia visa application centre in London.

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