How To Get Scrap Metal Licence In London

Scrap metal businesses have seen their revenues grow because of the rising prices of the precious metals. Copper, gold and other metals have made scrap metal and recycling endevours in London highly lucrative. However, scrap metal can pose a health risk to the residents of an area and also an environmental risk to the ecosystem, if not properly handled. That is why all local authorites in the London area licence scrap metal dealers so that the trade can be regulated. According to the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964, any person that houses, sells or buys scrap metal is to be registered as a scrap metal dealer. Processing the scrap and getting rid of the waste may require seperate licences.


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    Local Council

    The registration of a scrap metal business is under the control of the local authority. They provide the licence that allows individuals to start their scrap metal firm. Each council may have slightly different rules but all must comply with the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 1964. Locate your council here.

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    Once you have gotten to your Local Councils web site, search for the scrcap metal licence section. Most allow you to fill out and send the application online. However, some may ask you to send it by mail.

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    General Details for application

    When requesting a licence, the local authority will need the following information from you:

    - Full legal name
    - Complete address for home or office
    - Location for scrap metal storage
    - Details about business operations and locations

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    Licence duration

    The scrap metal licence is valid for three years. Dealers need to renew the licence before it expires and will be issued another one for three more years.

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    As part of the licence agreement, the local authority will request that records be kept of all scrap that is moving through the dealer. A separate log is kept of received scrap and processed scrap.

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