How to Get Smooth Legs after Shaving

In the summer season, smooth legs are something which every woman wants to have. Keeping legs silky smooth after shaving requires more than just applying a moisturising lotion or cream. You should also adopt the proper shaving method in order to get the glowing skin.

If you wax your legs, then you may not need to do something else, as waxing makes so smooth that you do not need to apply even a moisturiser. However, the waxing process is so irritating and painful that most women avoid it. On the other hand, shaving is quite easy.


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    You should moisturise your legs before and after you shave, in order to keep them smooth. You can use pure aloe-vera gel, as it is one of the best ways to make your skin bump free caused by razor, and will avoid irritation due to shaving. You can also use a shaving gel that contains aloe-vera or any other natural moisturising agent.

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    Always try to use a razor which contains two or more blades, in order to get smooth shave. If you use cheap one–blade razor, then you will most probably end up causing your follicles to become irritated or even infected. A good quality razor, on the other hand, will cut your hair closer to your skin, while causing minimal damage to the skin.

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    You should soak your legs in warm water for some time before you shave them. The best time to shave legs is when you are taking bath. While you take bath, your follicles will open and it will become really easy for you to use razor on your legs.

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    Starting from the toe to knee, shave your legs smoothly, without applying too much pressure on your skin. You may need to stretch your skin using your one hand, in order to make the hair stand, which will allow you to easily erase them using razor.

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    Rinse your legs well after you are done with shaving, in order to get rid of any shaving cream or gel you used. The shaving creams, gels or soap can make your skin dry. Therefore, it is really necessary to clean them.

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