How to Get Someone to Drop in a Fight

You must have seen in a lot of movies that one single punch or one single roundhouse kick would knock the other person out. Even though it looks easy to knock someone out, in real life it is not that easy. You should be able to understand the human body so that you know its weak areas and you can punch in places which will help you in knocking the other person out in a single shot.

If you are trying to drop the other person inside a fight, you should start learning the ways to fight. Otherwise, the other person might be the one giving you the knockout punch.


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    Right when you start, you should take advantage of your natural abilities. You should know where you are strong and start enforcing your stronger abilities on the opponent. You should know whether you are strong while you are close to your opponent, or whether you are strong when you are away from him. Stay in that position and maintain that distance. It will really help you gain advantage over your opponent and you will be the stronger party.

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    Try to make a firm base for yourself, so that you cannot fall down. Moreover, the strong base might allow you to put a leg behind his leg and push him down. It will really help you drop the other person down in a fight. You should be able to do this easily if you have a strong base and you are maintaining the perfect distance. Make a quick move right behind his leg and push his chest until he/she falls down.

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    Faking is the perfect option for you. Just try to fake a kick and right when he drops down to block your shot, deliver a knockout kick to his face. In case that does not work, try to punch his face so that he can drop down and you can win easily. This looks easy, but faking the perfect shot is really hard to do and you need a lot of practice to do it.

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    Punching your opponent on the jaw or the chin will really help you win it easy. You should be able to punch with the right amount of force and they will be knocked out. Moreover, delivering a punch on the nose will blur things for your opponent, and you might have an advantage if you punch them there.

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