How to Get South Africa Tourist Visit Visa from London

If you wish to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of South Africa and have planned to make a tour to spectacular country, you should first know the requirements to get a tourist visit visa from London. Britain and South Africa shares common interest in terms of politics, trade and tourism. That is why, South African High Commission, the authorised body to issue South African visas from London does not cost any visa fee charges to UK passport holders. Only submit visa application processing fee and get a visa. However, you application should fulfill all other requirements defined by the South African High Commission. Here is a step by step guide to get South Africa tourist visit visa from London.

Visit: South African High Commission


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    Application Form

    First of all get an application form from the official website of the South African high commission from their official website. Alternatively you can download directly by clicking on the link given below.

    Click to download Application Form.

    Remember South African High Commission asks you to provide the valid e-mail address. E-mail addresses should be written in the bottom of the application form.

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    Before you fill your application and sent it to the South African Consular in London, you need to know the requirements. South African government has some simple requirements that should e completed in order to get tourist visit visa.

    (a)    Valid passport which should be valid until the 30 days after your intended departure from the South Africa.
    (b)   Bank Statement showing that you can bear the expenses of the visit. You will also need to submit your salary slips and cash available.
    (c)    A return ticket
    (d)   Two passport sized photographs that should be in light colour background
    (e)   Visa fee

    You may have to submit some other documents if you are the National of any other country.

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    South African government does not charge any visa fee by the UK passport holders. However, the visa application fee which is £35.00 is needed to attach with the application form. Further, if you are the National of any other country and want to apply for South African tourist Visit Visa from London, you need to pay a visa fee.

    You can pay a visa fee either by cash, postal order or bank drafts made payable to the name of the “South African High Commission.”

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    Submission of Application Forms

    You can submit your application in person or by postal service. You should use registered postal service or courier to avoid any inconvenience or loss of documents.

    If you choose to submit by visiting physically, you should visit the South African High Commission in London. You can pay visa application fee at the time of submission of the documents. Visa Consular section accepts application between 9:00 to 11:00 only from Monday to Friday.

    South African High Commission
    Visit Website

    If you choose send your application using postal service, you should make it sure that your documents are completed and fee postal order or bank draft is attached. If you wish to receive your passport by post then you need to send self addresses prepaid postal envelope for delivery of the passport.

    Click here to locate your local post office.

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    Processing Time

    The visa processing time is ten working calendar days. However, it may vary case to case.

  • 6

    Receive Visa

    Once you have submitted your application, you need to wait for the prescribed period of time. If you submit your application in person, you need to visit the South African High Commission in London to receive your passport. Passports are issued only from 1100 to 1200, Monday to Friday. If you submit your application via postal service, you will receive your passport in home after the given period of time. You will also be delivered back your original documents.

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