How to Get Taller

Do you want to grow taller? Do you think your height right now has not reached its peak and you would like to grow more? Well, this really depends upon a lot of things. Firstly, whether you have inherited a tall height from your father or mother; secondly, it depends upon the environment you have been a part of and lastly, your current age and whether you can still grow taller or not. You can always make as many efforts as you want but younger kids who have just hit puberty will grow taller easily as compared to older people. These few steps can serve as a guide for everyone but always remember that if you apply them on younger kids, they might be more effective as compared to people who have crossed their teens.


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    First of all you need to find out about your exact height, weight and age. In order to do that, go to a doctor. They have a weighing machine, stand on it and note down your weight. Secondly, you must use his height ruler in order to measure your height in feet, inches and even centimetres if you want. In order to know about your age, use your birth certificate as it has the most authentic information about the date you were born.

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    Once you know all this, ask your doctor for medications which will help you grow taller. It is common for all doctors that they provide such people with medication that is enriched with calcium, vitamin D and vitamin A.

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    Make sure that you are taking this medicine on a regular basis since it will only give you the desired result once you are following it strictly.

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    Once you are done with visiting the doctor and following his/her prescription, it is time for you to consult a physical instructor. Simply tell him/her how you want to improve your height. Make sure they set up the perfect exercise routine as per the requirements of your body structure.

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    Stretching exercises will always help you improve your height. Moreover, start swimming and cycling as they will help you stretch your muscles.

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    Keep your hormonal level in check. In order to do that you must visit an endocrinologist. In case you are running low on this, you might need supplements.

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    Take the hormonal stimulators, but only if your endocrinologist has advised to use them.

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    Eat a diet which is rich in vitamins, calcium, fibres and even proteins.

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