How to Get Taller with Stretching Exercises

Everyone wants to have a good height for an impressing personality. It is very true that a decent height adds a lot to your overall appearance and personality but you also have to realise that your height is based on genetics. However, certain stretching exercises can play a vital role in enhancing your body height and healthy growth. Keep in mind that these exercises do not perform miracles but only provide a mild boost in your stature. Regular stretching at tender age can yield phenomenal results but once your body is fully grown with time, it might get difficult for you to increase height.


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    The most common stretching exercise is hanging from an overhead object. Gravity will play its part and help increasing your height by elongating the spinal column effectively. Scientific studies have revealed that gravity acts to compress your spine throughout your day’s routine work and this can be a hindrance in the growth of your height. Hanging exercise will counter this effect and assist your better growth.

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    Jump up and hold on to an overhead bar or any other object which you can use to perform pull-ups. Hang down with your arms fully stretched and allowing your body weight to extend your spine to its original length. As for the time to perform this move, three sets of 60 second duration should be performed initially nut try to increase this time to yield better results.

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    Your body becomes stiff while sitting entire day in the office. Conventional stretching exercises should be performed to bring your body muscles into motion. The prone cobra is one such exercise. Lay face down on a mat with your arms and legs fully stretched. Now slowly lift your arms and chest off the ground as high as you can, applying stress on your lower spine region. Hold there for 15 seconds and then get back to your mean position. Repeat this 6 to 7 times.

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    Simple forward bending exercise also assists in elongating your spine. Stand up straight and bend forward at the waist. You should try to touch the floor with your extended arms and not to bend your knees in the process. Hold at that position for a couple of seconds and then return to upright posture, with your arms extending upwards. Stand on your toes and stretch upwards, like as if you are trying to touch the ceiling. Repeat this for at least 10 times.

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    Stand upright with a wall and press the back of your head fully against it for 15 to 20 seconds. This will help in maintaining the natural posture you should have throughout the day.

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