How to Get Trinidad & Tobago Tourist Visit Visa from London

The citizens of United Kingdom do not require a visa to travel to Trinidad & Tobago like numbers of other nationals. However, the nationals from various countries living in London, who want to visit Trinidad & Tobago as tourists, are required to have visas in this regard. The process of getting visit visa of T&T from is not complex by any mean if you follow a systematic process. The process requires various steps like getting application form, charges for visa, documents required and other things. Here is the detail of the whole process.

Visit: Trinidad & Tobago High Commission


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    Application Form

    In order to get the application form of visit visa of Trinidad & Tobago, you can visit their office or it can be downloaded from their website. To download the visa form Click Here

    To know the details of visa exempted countries Click Here

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    Followings are the requirements for applying the visit visa of Trinidad & Tobago:
    Valid passport for the duration of stay in Trinidad and Tobago
    b) One fresh passport size photograph
    c) Letter of invitation if you are invited by any friend or family members living there ( only for visa exempted nationals)

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    Fee of £18.00 for single entry and £36.00 for multiple entries

    a) All cheques/orders should be made repayable to Trinidad and Tobago High Commission
    b) If you submit personal application you can pay the fee in cash or if you adopt postal service, you need to attach the bank draft along with other documents.  Plus don’t forget to
    c) Add sterling equivalent of £5.00 UK residents and £6.00 Europeans in case of postal submission.

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    Submission of Application Forms

    The application forms could be submitted by postal order or in person. If you adopt the postal service you are required pay the additional fee or you have to attach an empty envelop along with other documents. Don't forget to place your exact address and name on the envelop. Here is the address of the Trinidad & Tobago in London during working days in these timings: 10:00am – 2:00pm :

    Trinidad & Tobago High Commission

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    Processing time

    The processing requires normally two weeks but it could take more or less time under specific circumstances.

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    Receive visa

    You will have to wait for prescribed time of T&T embassy to receive the visa. After completion of processing time you can ask embassy about your visa and collect it during the working hours.

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