How to Get UAE Tourist Visit Visa from London

The United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates have strong diplomatic and economic relations. This means that many citizens from both countries travel for business and pleasure between the two countries. With their long history of cooperation, the Middle Eastern sheikdom and the British government have established special rules for visas for their respective citizens. All issues related to visas, twajudi and legislation can be handled at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in London where consular services are offered.

Visit: Embassy of UAE in London


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    Types of Visas: Tourist and Visit

    The UAE embassy in London offers visit visas and tourist visas. The tourist visa is in essence a visit visa and the difference is in the length of stay allowed. A visit visa is issued for 30 days but is actually valid for 60 days.  It can be extended for 30 more days by paying the specified fees before the 60th day. A tourist visa is only stamped for 30 days and cannot be extended.

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    UK Citizens

    British citizen and people with the right of abode in the UK are given a visit visa on entry into the UAE. Once a UK citizens lands their passport is stamped without a fee. This process takes place when the traveler passes through immigration.

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    Other Citizens

    Residents and citizens of other countries need to make sure that they follow the proper procedure for visa application because not every country is offered visas on entry. Citizens of the following countries do not need to apply for a visa in advance before they travel to any location in the UAE:

    Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican, Australia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and the United States of America.

    Citizens of any other country need to file a visa application.

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    Requirements for Visa

    If you need to apply for a visa from the UAE embassy in London then you need to first figure out how you will be applying. Visas will be issued when the applicant has a sponsor in the UAE. This can include hotels, tourist companies or individuals who are residents in the UAE.

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    Visa through hotel

    When applying for a visa with the sponsorship of a hotel you need to first make a booking at the hotel. You will need to make an advance payment to the hotel so that they can give you the required paper work. A hotel will actually process the visa through the government for you and send you a copy by email or fax. You will need to book a room for at least a day and your visa will be valid as long as you stay at the same hotel. The length of stay is for 14 days.

    You will need to provide the hotel with the following by courier or fax:

    - Visa Charges and Security Deposit. The hotel can tell what the charges will be after consulting with the government department.
    - An authorization letter that is signed and dated by the person who bought the hotel room. You will be providing a reason for your stay with in this letter.
    - A copy of the credit card used for purchasing the hotel room. The copy should include front and back of card.
    -Passport copies of card holder and visitors.

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    Visa through a tourist company

    This process is similar to the hotel process and the only difference is that the immigration department only gives a stay of 30 days. This cannot be extended.

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    Visit visa through a company/resident

    Department of Naturalization and Residency can issue a visit visa for 30 days through a sponsoring company or resident. This can extended for 30 more days by paying a fee of of 500 AED.

    You will need the following documents in order to apply:

    - Photocopy of your passport along with any others who are accompanying you.
    - Visit Visa Application form, completed and signed by the sponsoring company. Click Here to download the form.
    - Photocopy of the trade license of the company.
    - A Guarantee letter from the company stating its responsibility of the visitor during his visit.

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