How to Get Your Child to Clean Their Room

Telling your child to clean his/her room is not something out of the blue; however, this should be done with extreme care, as most of the children find it harsh and a tad annoying. However, this is not as difficult a task as it appears to be and can be accomplished very comfortably, if proceeded with care and common sense.

Things Required:

– Laundry Basket
– Trash Bag
– Vacuum Cleaner


  • 1

    Place a small laundry basket in your kid’s room

    You should place a small laundry basket in your kid’s room as this will remind him/her every day. You should instruct your kid to put all of his/her dirty clothes in the laundry basket rather than throwing them around in the room. If the kid has been doing that, you should pay a visit to the room and must tell him/her to put all of the clothes in the basket within the next 15 minutes.

    It is important that you should return to the room exactly after the stated time and bring a trash bag with you.

  • 2

    Assist the kid in collecting trash

    Consider assisting the kid in collecting trash from his/her room. For this, you should hold the trash bag for the child and ask him/her to collect all the trash from the room and put it in there. This way you will be only doing the supervision but the kid will think that you are actually helping him/her cleaning the room.

  • 3

    Ask the child to take the laundry and trash to an appropriate place

    Subsequently, you should tell the kid to help you take the laundry and trash bag at their respective disposal sites. You should hold the trash bag and ask the child to pick up the laundry basket and follow you to the cleaning area.

  • 4

    Vacuum the room

    Now, you should vacuum the room but ask the child to collect all the toys from the floor as they might end up getting stuck in the vacuum cleaner. Tell him/her that from next time onward, they will be the ones doing the vacuuming.

  • 5

    Appreciate your child’s efforts

    After the room is cleaned, you must appreciate the kid for his/her efforts in cleaning the room with you.

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