How to Get Your Child to Do Homework

Homework battles do not have to be an everyday part of parenting. Getting your child to do homework can become a painless reality; all you need to do is look for ways to encourage motivation for homework without losing your parenting cool.

Things Required:

– Teacher’s support
– Homework area
– Homework tools
– Tutor (optional)


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    Stay Informed about Homework Assignments

    The first line of defence against homework battles is to know what you’re up against. Talk regularly with the teacher about homework assignments. If your child tends to “forget” homework at school or always answers no to your homework inquiries, see if the teacher will work with you to organize a homework folder. Then you can just look inside your child’s homework folder to view the assignments.

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    Make Homework a Habit

    Getting your child to do homework is easier when it becomes an everyday task. Brainstorm with your child to figure out a time and place that offers the most motivation for homework completion. Winning homework battles means involving your child in the decision-making process.

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    Have a Homework Zone

    Setting up an area strictly for completing assignments may also be helpful in providing motivation for homework. This area should have minimal clutter, noise, and other distractions so that homework is the focus. Have useful homework tools (such as pencils, erasers, and writing paper) within reach to prevent wandering.

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    Provide Motivation for Homework

    Giving your child a reason to finish the homework assignment is important. A personal motivator could be a favourite TV show coming on soon, more time with friends, or a fun family activity.

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    Be a Homework Helper

    If your child is frustrated by a homework assignment, be there to help. This isn’t to say you should do the homework for your child, but you can point him or her in the right direction by focusing on a simpler problem or asking related questions. A tutor is an alternative if you are unavailable to help with the homework assignment. Even an elder brother or sister can be of use as a homework helper. Showing your child that you care enough to help out (or get help) is sometimes enough to spark motivation for homework.

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