How to Get Your Class to Line Up Quietly

Apparently, it looks an easy job to handle an elementary class in school but things can become quite difficult when you try to maintain the discipline.

Things can especially become tough when you want to line up the class. The reason is that kids are free souls and they cannot resist their basic instinct of making mischiefs.

So what will you do?

Shout at them?

Punish them or just let them do whatever they want?

Being a class teacher, it is your responsibility to ensure the discipline. You can get your class lined up by following some simple yet effective tips.


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    Consider using  music:

    You must keep in mind that music is a great teaching aid and you can engage the kids in anything by playing some good pieces of music in the background. Now, when you are trying to get the class line up quietly, consider the tracks like “walk to batch”, “stroll to Strauss” and “March to Mozart” to make them move on the beat in an orderly manner.

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    Ask them to line up according to colours:

    Remember, kids won’t listen to you if you will try to impose something on them. The best way is to make this a fun activity. Most of the times, they wear colourful clothes. You can ask them to line up according to the colours. Direct the kids wearing light colours to lead the row and tell those who are wearing dark colours to hold the tail.

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    Ask them to line up alphabetically:

    Another technique to get your class to line up quietly is to arrange them alphabetically. Ask your students to make a row and stand by first name. However, you will have to supervise and guide them otherwise they will make noise while shouting their names. Give them task to do it quietly in minimum time.

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    Secret Student:

    This is another interesting and effective technique. In this method, you announce that one “student” has been picked secretly and if that kid moves properly then the whole class will win. Now, when they do not know the secret student, everyone will put an honest effort to win and ultimately this competition will enable you to get the class to line up quietly.

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    Join the dots or cards:

    You can give them numbered cards and ask them to stand according to their numbers. This will not only help you in getting them in a line but it will be a learning process for kids as well.

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