How to Get Your Music Heard

A couple of decades ago, getting your music heard could prove to be quite an endeavour. However, the process has become much simpler nowadays, thanks to the advancement in technology and of course, the internet. Distance and accessibility to listeners across the globe has ceased to be an issue. You no longer require a hefty amount of cash to give your music a platform for distribution across the masses. Furthermore, it is far more convenient to grab the attention of music companies as they have begun to incorporate the use of technology in the process of discovering new talent.

Things Required:

– Computer
– Internet
– Recording device
– Cell phone


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    Look for opportunities to perform at different events and places such as marriages, cafes, contests, coffee shops, festivals, music stores, etc. Just go ahead and request for permission to perform from the owner of the place or organiser of the event. A lot of musicians managed to get their big break by starting small and performing at such places or events. Be sure to discuss the dates, time and financial matters in detail.

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    Try to network with other musicians and music companies, as that will present you with more opportunities to gain recognition. Be sure to interact with them in person and via cell phone regularly.

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    Converting your music to a digital format is really important if you want it to reach millions of people across the globe. Use a stereo recording device to record your music, transfer it to your computer and upload it on the internet. Online space is the best platform for distributing music, especially when your primary aim is to get heard and not make money. You should put your music on the popular video sharing website YouTube and do a bit of promotion on social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. If the music is good, people who have already heard it will start sharing it with their network. Canadian pop musician Justin Bieber caught the eye of record executives on YouTube. Therefore, take the online promotion of your music very seriously. Be sure to interact with listeners to make them feel valuable.

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    While you are socialising with people in your everyday life, grab or create opportunities to bring up your music and mention any new projects that you are or will be working on in the near future.

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