How to Get your Press Release Noticed

a press release has become an effective tool to register your company’s presence in the business circle without spending even a single penny. However, you will have to prepare your press release tactfully as editors and reporters receive dozens of memos everyday and it is very difficult to choose or drop one.

You should be brief and to the point as editor/reporter normally do not have the time to read trivial details. It can be difficult for you to sum up the whole subject in just few sentences but little bit practice can help you to write a noticeable press release.


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    A catchy headline:

    First of all you should have an interesting and attractive headline of your story as it is the first thing that grabs the attention of your reader. It should be short, to the point and clear as it helps your reader to understand that what this story is about. Do not try to use cheap publicity tricks as it will damage your credibility.

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    Inverted Pyramid format:

    The body of the press release should comprise the most important information first and then the less important details. It is professional style of writing a news story and almost all the editors/reporters follow this inverted pyramid format.

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    Rule of 5 W's and 1 H:

    Your story should address the main questions; What, When, Where, Who, Why and How, that come in a reader’s mind. Do not add trivial things and be strictly relevant.

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    Text formatting:

    Text formatting is also very important to make your press release noticeable. It should be easy to understand and pleasing for the eyes. It is better to give contact information at top of the page and isolate your sentences with proper space.

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    Be Objective:

    You should not use this story to advertise your company as it will do the trick only if it is full of information and established facts. Try to maintain a professional tone and write your press release in manner that it looks like proper news.

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    Send it to relevant person:

    You should not send this press release to every reporter in your friends’ list rather just knock at the right door. Focus on those media persons who are related to your story. It looks professional and saves a lot of time.

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    Follow Up:

    Sending a press release does not finish your job rather you will have to remind the relevant person to pay special attention to your story. However, you should not annoy the other party by calling him again and again.

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