How to Get Your Teenager to Talk To You

Most teenagers go astray from their parents at this age as this is a natural process of growing up. However, this does not suggest that you and your teenager do not talk or open up anymore. Be aware of the fact that your child needs to open up to you more than ever as this is an important phase in their life. He or she is under immense pressure and stress from various influences and within themselves as well. As a result of this, your teenager requires that you to spend time and talk with them. Understand that there are several ways to get your teenager to talk to you.


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    Put yourself in the teenager’s shoes

    Realise that your teenager is under a lot of stress. They face an incredible amount of pressure from friends and family. Tons of information from TV about how they should dress, who to follow and how to be the cool person in college can add to the stress of a teenager. They also face pressures from parents and teachers for top grades and from coaches to do well in sports and other areas. On the other hand, he or she wants to be a good kid but the pressure can be intense. They might want to own the things that their friends have, regardless of the financial situation of their parents.

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    Recognise that this is a learning phase for teenagers

    Understand that teenagers are still developing and acquiring various skills. Therefore, try to help them deal with expectations, pressure and stress along with setting priorities. In addition, there are a lot of changes happening to their body and the way they think as they grow up. This is a tough time for any teenager as they might not be comfortable with their body and are facing an emotional time.

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    Try to make them open up to you

    Make sure you set some time to talk to your teenager. This in turn will encourage them to come to you and talk. When they open up to you, pay full attention and do not just pretend to listen to their problems. Try to stop what you are doing at that time and focus on the issues your kid is facing and help them cope with it. This will motivate them to talk to you whenever they are in need.

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