How to Get Your Toddler to Sleep

In case you are having restless nights due to your toddler waking up several times, you should not get worried. By following some simple guidelines and setting up a bedtime schedule, you can get your toddler to sleep. It may require you a couple of nights, or more, before your toddler adapts to the schedule.


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    Sleep schedule

    You are required  to maintain a consistent sleeping schedule for your toddler. Remember that toddlers between ages of one to three require sleep of 11 to 14 hours a day. This includes naps in both daytime and during night.

    Simply set a bedtime routine and keep it same. This routine usually includes taking a bath, listening to children’s book and brushing the teeth. You need to figure out what routine best suits you and your toddler and abide by it.

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    Read a rhyme

    In order to get your toddler to sleep, you can always read a rhyme to him/her. You can learn some lullaby and sing to your toddler. This will speed up the sleeping process.

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    Remain firm

    In case your toddler cries or struggles for not taking a nap, you need to be firm. If he/she gets up, you need to take him or her back where he/she  sleeps. Your toddler needs to know that he/she has to lie down no matter what.

    Remember that a toddler will fall asleep after some time in a quiet area; you just have to be persistent.

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    Get a blanket or stuffed toy

    You can let your toddler sleep with his/her favourite blanket or stuffed toy. Let him/her take it to his or her bed and sleep with it. This way, your toddler can also cope with separation anxiety and night time fears.

    However, make sure that he/she does not suckle on it as this can result in throat irritation.

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    Soothing sleep environment

    You need to create a soothing sleep environment so that your toddler can go to sleep easily.

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