How to Gift Wrap a Present Professionally

No matter how expensive a gift you have bought, it will look ordinary, if not professionally wrapped. There are numerous ways in which you can wrap a gift within a few minutes. However, people still prefer spending money on getting it wrapped by a professional.

Although some techniques of wrapping gifts are difficult, you can master them with practice. You should start with the basic one though, as that doesn’t take much time and serves your purpose in a professional manner. All you need is a few things that will help you in completing your task successfully.

Things Required:

– Gift
– Wrapping sheet
– Cutter
– Ruler
– Tape


  • 1

    Remove the tags

    Before you start wrapping the gift, make sure that all of the tags are removed properly. You would not want the other person to know the price of the gift you have bought no matter if it is expensive or not. Moreover, some tags contain the information regarding where the gift was bought, so you need to get rid of that too. In case, you find it difficult to remove any tag, black it out using a marker or a pen.

  • 2

    Place the gift inside a box

    When you buy the gift, make sure you order a box of similar size, so that you can easily wrap what you have bought. It is ideal to check whether you already have some spare boxes at home. Some of the gifts come with their custom boxes, so you don’t have to worry in that case.

  • 3

    Unroll the gift paper

    Unroll the wrapping paper on a hard surface, so that you can place the gift on it comfortably.

  • 4

    Measure how much paper you need

    By placing the gift inside the unrolled paper, you will be able to measure how much of the sheet serves your purpose. If it is not enough, you will have to buy a new one, but if it is excess, you can cut it off in you required size.

  • 5

    Fold the paper around the gift

    Once you have placed the gift on the wrapping sheet, fold the sides of the paper and tape them firmly. You can use glue in this case, but that will not make it easy for the recipient to unwrap the gift.

  • 6

    Fold the sides

    After taping from the centre, fold the sides of the sheet and tape them one by one. You gift will now be ready.

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