How to Grease Door Hinges

We’ve all gone through it before. We open a door unassumingly only to be greeted by a deep, high pitched or whiny creek or moan. This “noise making” can be a cause for embarrassment, or worse yet for a teenager trying to sneak back into the house, an unwelcome announcement.

Luckily, the process for greasing noisy door hinges is both simple and quick. The following Step by Step Guide will outline everything you need and need to do in order to have your problem door’s hinges quieter than a mime who needs the money. This process will not fix the problem, however it overs a long-term solution to an annoying problem.


  • 1

    What You Need

    In order to complete the following Steps, you will require the following:

    - a reliable claw hammer

    - a large sturdy nail (1.5-2" should suffice)

    - paper towel

    - lubricant (silicone spray or plumber's grease work best)

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    Find the Noisy Hinge

    A typical door has three hinges. Typically, one of the hinges is causing all the raucous. Determine which one it is. If you are unsure or more than one seems noisy, you will need to lubricate all the hinges.

    Note: For safety reasons (like a door falling) ensure that the door is closed when working on the hinges.

  • 3

    Knock it Out

    Each hinge has a pin that holds everything in place allowing the door to open and close. Place your nail at the bottom of the hinge (at the base of the pin) and hammer it upwards. Once you have knocked the pin up significantly. pull it out of the hinge.

  • 4

    Clean the Pin & Hinge

    Using the paper towel methodically wipe the pin and hinge clean of all old grease and or debris. If you find that the hinge has a lot of rust or corrosion, it may be advisable to purchase a new hinge entirely.

    Hinges can be purchased at your local hardware store, are inexpensive and easy to install.

  • 5

    Lubricate and Return

    Now that the pin is clean, lubricate it evenly with the silicone spray or plumber's grease. Place it back in the hinge and hammer it into place.

  • 6

    Work the Hinge

    In order to evenly distribute the lubricant, work the door through its full range of motion a few times. It may be beneficial to apply a little bit of lubricant to any open spaces in the hinge to amplify the effect.

  • 7

    Repeat the process as required for each hinge.

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