How to Grow a Coconut Tree from a Seed

Have you ever thought about growing a coconut tree from a seed? If you have looked at a coconut in a grocery store, you must have wondered how on earth a hairy and ugly looking seed can possible plant a tree. However, that is exactly what it does. The seed is capable of planting a tall and lovely palm tree, capable of growing 50-100 coconuts per year. If you think you have what it takes to grow a beautiful palm tree then consider buying a coconut seed. You will have to be patient and the weather must be warm in your country for the palm tree to successfully grow.


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    Consider going to your nearest grocery store and buy a coconut from there. You should choose the one that is hairy and brown. Always make sure there is liquid inside the coconut by shaking it. Typically, the coconut lives off its seed for the first few months. It is recommended to buy mature coconuts that are brown and hairy and the liquid inside means that the seed is not too old to be considered dry.

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    Take a bucket and fill it with water. Place the seed inside the water. Leave the seed in the water for at least three days before you plant. Consider planting the seed in the planter, which should be at least 10 inches deep to allow the plant to grow properly. Use an industrial bucket to make the perfect planter for your palm tree. Put holes in the bottom of the bucket before covering it with soil. As a rule of thumb, cover about 60 percent of the seed with soil and let 40 percent of the seed stay above the mud.

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    Make sure the place you are going to plant the seed will get enough sunshine. Water the plant on a regular basis so the seed grows in three to four months. You will have to wait for three to four years before planting the tree in an area that gets plenty of sunshine. Palm trees do not grow in freezing temperatures. Also, keep in mind the tree needs to grow 80 feet high to achieve maturity. Therefore, you should have enough room for it to grow properly.

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