How to Grow Bigger Tomatoes at Home

Tomatoes are used in quite a few recipes and in some parts of the world, almost every dish is prepared with the help of tomatoes, so people store them at home after buying them from the market. Given how frequently tomatoes are required, you can save money by planting and growing them at home.You will just have to be careful about a few important things in order to grow big, juicy tomatoes in your garden.

Things Required:

– Tomato plant or seeds
– Sunny location


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    Look for ideal weather conditions

    In order to get good results, you will have to check for ideal weather conditions to plant the tomatoes. If the temperature is cold in your region, you run the risk of having your plant ruined by frost. Ideally, you should plant the tomatoes when the temperature rises above 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    Prepare the soil

    A few weeks before you plant the tomato seeds, you will have to prepare the soil perfectly in order to grow bigger and juicier tomatoes. The soil must be loose and should contain organic matter. In case you have hard clay soil in your garden, you should loosen it up before planting your tomatoes.

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    Pick out the right tomato plants

    When it comes to picking tomato plants, there is a huge variety you can choose from. If you have never planted tomatoes before, you should go with either Early Girls or Cherry Tomatoes. On the other hand, if you don’t have enough space, you should opt for a bush variety.

    When you have decided on the type of tomato plants to buy, make sure they are healthy enough to give you a good yield. As a general rule, plants that look yellowish are not considered healthy, and should be avoided. In case you wish to go for an economic solution, you should buy the seeds and plant them in your garden.

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    Planting the tomatoes

    Since the tomatoes need plenty of room to grow, you have to plant the seeds a couple of feet apart. Dig at least a 10 inch deep hole and then burry the seeds inside. Continue watering and fertilising the plant regularly until the roots grow stronger and bigger. Once that happens, you will not be required to water the plant regularly. When the tomatoes are fully grown, pick them and use them in your recipes as you like.

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