How to Grow Tomatoes in the Desert

Tomatoes are lush, bright plants that are found in a number of American gardens during the summertime. The plants grow best in warm sunshine and temperate growing areas as they are ideal for subtropical zones. However, if you want to grow tomatoes in the desert, you are in for a tough task. The desert areas provide difficulty to tomato growers as the temperatures are too high along with a very dry climate. In addition you can grow tomatoes in pots and base your time line on your growing area. Follow some basic methods to help you grow tomatoes in the desert.

Things Required:

– 2 to 5 gallon pots
– Fertilizer
– Felt ties
– Veggie cages
– Organic compost
– Quick draining soil


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    Getting started

    Try to grow your tomatoes in pots or in the ground with respect to your area. In high dessert areas where the summer is too hot and very long, grow the tomatoes in pots to protect them from high temperatures. Be sure to plant tomato seedlings two weeks after the final frost. Search for a place that gets sun with some dappled shade in your garden, to safeguard tomatoes from the extreme summer heat.

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    Further instructions

    Improve the soil at your location with a mixture of half quick draining soil and half organic compost. This combination will hold moisture for the tomatoes and maintain their roots moist long after you have watered them. You should plant them outside in the morning to safeguard them from the extreme midday heat. Also you have to plant the tomatoes at 24 to 36 inches in rows of around 4 feet. Moreover, if you are planting them in pots, take a 3 to 5 gallon pot with drainage holes and try to plant one tomato in each pot. You can also use veggie cages to help protect your plants from rodents.

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    Water the plants

    Water them with between 4 to 5 inches of water every week to counter them against the hot and dry desert conditions. Water the tomatoes in the morning and evening so that they do not get damaged in the sun. Check the soil moisture and increase the amount of water with time. Spray the plants with water with the help of a hose when you water them.

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