How to Handle Sociopathic Teenagers

The regulations confirmed by DSM-IV clearly state that a teenager cannot be officially diagnosed for sociopath until he/she reaches the age of 18. However, there is nothing to argue that teenagers might start showing sign of being a sociopath at an early age but you have to wait until he gets to the age of 18.

Sociopathic people are those who lack the element of sympathy for other people. Not only this, those people who do not have the ability to socialise with other people. They do not show interest in cooperating with others instead they just want to do things absolutely their own way.

While diagnosing your teenager for sociopathic symptoms, you should keep in mind that it might label him for that disorder even if he/she passes the test. Therefore, one should be very vigilant while conducting the diagnostic. Being secretive in such matters is always useful for the interest of both you and the teenager. Another way to control this is that if observed the symptoms at an early age, one can personally try to teach sense to the teenager in suitable ways.


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    Mostly, Sociopathic teenagers keep lying about all the things as they try to keep themselves away from the trouble. They do not care about the truth. Even if they know that you are aware of the truth they will still lie to you. Rather than arguing with them in this case, all you should do is to listen to them and ignore the fact that they are lying otherwise they will end up misbehaving with you.

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    You should keep in mind that such teenagers have absolutely no respect for others therefore you should be careful. Try talking sense to them about how important is to respect others and what are the repercussions.

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    Do not forget to keep check on them to make sure that they are not drug addicts or consuming alcohol illegally. If he/she is involved in any activity, you should take serious note of the company they keep and enquire from them about the issue.

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    You should also consider informing the police, if the teenager becomes extremely violent because the police know best how to handle with such people.

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    A professional counselling is the best resort to handle the sociopathic teenagers but you should merely take it as an option and do not tie all your hopes to get a desired result.

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