How to Handle Your Candles

From birthday celebrations to a cover for a power failure, candles have been an essential item of all households. Also, some people now use candles purposefully with a belief that candle burning serves the healing need of different health problems. Irrespective of what purpose candles are used for, their handling needs a bit of care, since it involves dealing with fire directly. There is always a risk of spread of a fire if the candle is left burning somewhere near sensitive stuff.

Do not allow candles burning in reach of children, it can lead to compromise of their health and safety. Especially, take extra care at birthday parties, and put off the candles properly before cutting cake and starting other celebrations. Also, some care is needed at places where candles are burned at a mass level, especially when recording a protest at night or in remembrance of something important.

At households, carefully follow all the instructions for safety, and do not leave anything exposed to candle fire. Put all the candles off if you are leaving the place where candles are burning for some time. Placing them at a proper place so that their wax is not spread around can help prevent chances of a fire at a place. There are many ways you can handle candles safely and can secure the environment around them, you just have to follow them.


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    Use of Candleholders

    Candles should not be placed at any place. It can cause spread of wax and there might be some sensitive stuff that can catch fire quickly. So, it is always recommended to use heat-resistant candleholders. The holders should also be wide enough to catch the wax to prevent it from spreading around. The candleholders themselves should be placed at a sturdy and solid place. An uneven place can cause them to fall and there is a high risk of fire catching anything nearby and spreading quickly. It is essential that candleholders are placed in a well ventilated area, but do not expose them directly to drafts.

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    Cut Wick Down

    Allowing candle to burn with a log wick can be a cause of an uneven burning and there is a risk of fire. It is better cut the wick down to one-fourth inch. This will allow candle to burn at an even pace and not cause a fire risk.

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    Discard Candle Early

    Do not allow a candle to be burned down completely. It can be a risk of fire. Generally, it is recommended to discard a candle about two inches before it is burned out completely. Put it off and dispose it of at a safe place.

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    Do Not Leave Candles Unattended

    Whenever your are out of a place where a candle is burning for a longer period of time, put it off before leaving. Do not leave a candle burning unattended, especially if it can be accessed by children. Even it is not in reach of children, you must not leave the candle unattended. It poses a higher risk of fire.

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