How to Have a Puja at Home

Puja is a Hindu type of ceremonial ritual or worship that presents one or a number of the gods and goddesses in the Indian temple, along with the ones who trust in one god. This religious act is to honour the gods through devotion. It can be performed at home every day and at a big ceremony to urge for blessings or to ask for help to facilitate a particular group of people.

There are twenty seven different ways to do formal puja ceremonies such as offering water to symbolically bath the deity, giving of fruits and sweets, and a small practice called aarati in which water is filled from a vessel to the other and a little bell might be rung as well. A very easy and comfortable ritual can be performed with passion that will execute your devotion and honour for this practice and welcome the guidance and blessings for which it is devised.


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    Start by getting to know the details about the ceremony. You should be aware of the fact that puja is a ritual that goes back thousands of years. If you are from an Indian origin, puja is most probably part of your cultural practice and a known ritual you may have experienced your friends and family perform. On the other hand, you can follow these practices in other countries as well. Nevertheless, the key thing is to honour its spiritual significance. Try not to abuse this ritual as it is said to be very strong and powerful.

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    Types of puja

    You should be able to comprehend the fundamental teachings of a puja. There is meditation on the divine, following tapas, reciting a spiritual or a religious passage to promote self study and a number of flower, fruits and food offerings. Normally, people kneel or bow or even kiss the picture of the divine during this ritual. After the ceremony, they traditionally affix a vermilion dot on their forehead between the eyebrows, the third-eye center or the place of the anja chakra.

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    Things needed to carry out the practice

    Collect the key things required to do the puja. Begin with a small table upon which you can place a white cloth. Put a picture of the gods to whom you are worshipping this puja to. Set two lamps created by cotton wicks in oil. Lit them when the puja starts. The light is a sign of the glow inside of you.

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