How to Have an Eye-Catching Window Box

Window boxes look very beautiful when used for displaying plants and flowers outdoors. These boxes largely serve the purpose of enhancing the beauty of different seasonal flowers and plants. There are different eye catching window boxes available in the market and you can choose according to your needs. Experts say that summer is the best season in which window box sales increase as the plants are brighter and more colourful. Follow some simple techniques to help you get an eye-catching window box for your home.


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    Style of the box

    The style of the window box matters whenever you decide to purchase one. You first need to understand the structure of your own house and how a particular style of window box fits in your house. If you have wide windows along with a big frame then try to buy a large sized widow box. You can also purchase a window box that matches with your window trim. If your window box is simple, you can always make it brighter by painting it. If the window box contains some instructions, read it carefully and adjust it accordingly. Most window boxes are made of wrought-iron, plastic, aluminum or PVC. You can find them at many home improvement stores.

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    Choose plants carefully

    For your window boxes, you can choose flowers and plants that come from a wide range. Choose plants that grow at the same height. Your window boxes can contain different plants, flowers, grasses or herbs at the same time but be careful that you choose plants or flowers that are relevant to the season. The goal is to select just the right plants that will make your window box eye-catching.

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    Try different herbs

    You can try different herbs in your window box such as oregano, basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme dusty miller, geranium, marigold and salvia. These herbs grow faster than usual plants and flowers and look very beautiful. You can also grow trailing plants such as nasturtium, ivy, alyssum, petunia, sweet potato vine and vinca. Along with different herbs and trailing plants, you should also add different decorative objects to the window box. Ask your children as well to help you with decorating different objects. Remember you want the window box to be the first thing that someone looks at when they glance at your home.

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