How to Have Church at Home

If there is no church near your home and you have to travel far to offer your prayers, you can create a place of worship at home to make sure that you do not face any problems in enhancing your connection with God. You may also want to have a church at home if you have had a bad experience at a different church. Many people around the world have churches in their homes, which allow them to learn more about Christianity and to improve their fellowship with people who hold similar beliefs. Keep in mind that a home church is different to a traditional one in many ways.

Things Required:

– Multiple copies of the Bible


  • 1

    Choose an area for church

    The first step towards having a church at home is to select an area which you think will be perfect for worship. This can be your living room, dining room, back porch or any other area. However, make sure that the area you choose is comfortable and peaceful. It should also possess enough space to cater to guests.

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    Read the scriptures daily

    Having made a church at home, it is your responsibility to ensure that you and other people worship there regularly. Place multiple copies of the Bible in the church so that many people can read it at the same time. Allocate a time of the day when you can sit in the church and read God’s words in a peaceful atmosphere.

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    Arrange Bible classes

    In order to make the best use of a church at home, one technique is to arrange regular Bible classes. Invite your friends and family members to attend the classes. You should also personally invite all of your neighbours to your church. In Bible classes, you should elaborate the messages given in the scriptures. Make sure that the message is short and simple, so that a common man can also understand it.

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    Timing of the church

    You should allocate the daily timing of your church. If your church is in an outer room of your house, you should keep it open for visitors during the daytime.

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    Involve your children in the church

    You must encourage your children to take part in church activities. Arrange separate Bible classes for children of your locality as it will go a long way in enhancing their religious knowledge.

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