How to Help a Child Who Stutters

Nowadays stuttering is a common problem especially among children who are about three to five years old. It might be genetic but the real reason is still unknown. Stuttering is not curable but there is no need to panic as through various speech therapy and other treatment, you will be able to help your child cope with his or her stuttering. You need to accept the way your child speaks, listen to him or her and slowly try to help reduce the amount of stuttering.


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    Speech therapy

    You are required to take your child to a speech therapist as soon as you spot stuttering. It is a good idea to talk to the school or your doctor to help you find a qualified speech therapist that can help your child.

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    Avail speech therapy from school or daycare

    Some schools might have a speech therapist on their staff that you can consult with if you notice your child is stuttering. His or her teachers can also give you some good advice as they deal with many kids on a daily basis. It is a good idea to tell the teachers about your child's speech issues so that they can take extra care and provide assistance. In case your child does not go to school and is in daycare, then you should talk to the staff and ask for some assistance.

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    Speech therapy exercises

    The speech therapist will tell you to do some exercises at home. You need to perform these exercises with your child so he or she can cope with their problem. Remember to always be patient and never rush your child through these exercises.

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    Initiate conversation with your child

    It is recommended to start a conversation with your child as often as you can so that he or she can practice talking. You need to speak slowly and have eye contact with your kid. After your child speaks, you should wait a few seconds before replying. Remember that with a relaxed pace, your child will feel more comfortable.

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    Body language

    Proper facial expressions and nodding will let your child know that his or her message is conveyed even while stuttering. It is very crucial for your child to understand that what they are saying is more important then how they are saying it.

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    Encourage family and friends to converse with your child

    You should let other family members and friends try to converse with your child. This will encourage your child to talk and hopefully get over his or her stuttering issue.

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