How to Help Children Cope with Fears

There may be many things that children might be afraid of such as monsters, ghosts, darkness or even going into the water. Remember that some things which look harmful to you might be scary to your children. You need to understand their fears, analyse them and have patience for helping your children deal with things that frighten them. Never force your children to face their fears as y0u can end up doing more damage than good. There is nothing to get worried about as with some useful tips, you can easily help your children cope with their fears.


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    Understand your child's fears

    You are required to understand the things that your child might be scared of. Children are usually discovering the world and they might get scared with anything they see differently. They might imagine a monster living in a dark room because a child usually does not like the lights off. Remember that children get fears of different intensity at various ages. Dealing with fears depends on your child’s capability of handling stress and his/her developmental stage.

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    Talk to your child

    It is recommended to talk to your child about their fears. They will get comfortable and eventually share everything with you. Let your child explain how they feel and what it is they are afraid of. Show them your concern and let them know about your experience when you were child and how you dealt with it. This will increase the bond between both of you and your child will know you care.

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    Give the right message

    You should refrain from telling them not to be scared or that their friends and not frightened. These types of words portray it is wrong to get scared. You are required to console your child and tell them it is okay to be afraid. Also, encourage them to talk to you about anything that might be bothering them.

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    Refrain from forcing your child to face their fears

    You should not force your child to face their fears or to do what they are afraid of. It will only worsen their fear. It is advisable for you to give your child time to cope with the things that frighten them. Simply support your child with love and care.

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