How to Help Your Child Learn To Read

The ability to read holds paramount importance in the life of any person. It provides a person with a lot of confidence in his or her abilities. Reading also provides the pleasure of learning and stimulates the imagination.

It is important for parents to ensure that their kids are able to read well. However, this is an endeavour that takes time and should not be rushed as it can put undue pressure on a child’s mind. By helping a child learn how to read, parents perhaps provide their young ones with one of the greatest gifts imaginable. 


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    Start with Alphabets

    Start teaching a child to read with alphabets. The child can learn an alphabet or two at a given point in time, and you will need to rehearse those later as well. Also pay special attention to ensuring that the child understands the sounds and learns them at the same time. The sound of the alphabet itself and the kind of sounds it can create can be different and the child should learn this from the start. 

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    Keep it Slow

    Children will generally need time to understand what is being taught so let them take their time. You will need to repeat the same things more than once - be patient, and do not proceed with something new unless they have understood everything you have taught them so far.

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    Lower Case Letters

    Some experts suggest that instead of teaching kids upper case letters first, it is ideal that they be taught lower case letters to begin with, since these make up the bulk of what they will actually be reading.

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    Read to Your Child

    Read to your child everyday so that they get into the habit of reading at an early age. Although the child will be unable to read for him or herself at the start, he or she will pick up the habit from you, which is extremely important. 

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    Teach Them to Write

    It is important that you teach them to write along with reading as this will speed up their learning process. Research has shown that the human mind can better remember things that it has written, so parents can take advantage of this by using writing to help their kids learn to read better. 

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    Limit Reading Vocabulary

    Provide the kids with simple language books so that they can understand them with ease and can build up their vocabulary over a period of time. If you give them books with complex words, it will actually be a hurdle in the process of learning to read. 

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