How to Hit a Slice in Tennis

A slice is also known as a shot which can help you put a backspin on the ball. You can use a slice while playing tennis in order to keep the ball low by imparting some spin on it. The opponent will have to hit the ball high in order to deal with the backspin and it will help you pull off a smash in return. It’s a very useful skill to learn if you want to become a good tennis player, but it takes time to perfect it. The reason is that you need a specific amount of power with which you have to slice the ball. If you are unable to do that, it will either hit the net, or go really high, making it easy for your opponent to return it.

Most tennis players, like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, use this technique in order to pull off a drop shot. If your opponent is stuck to the baseline, you can always use a drop shot to lure him towards the net and once he plays a higher shot, you can always smash it behind him/her and easily win a point.

Things Required:

– Tennis shirt
– Tennis shoes
– Tennis shorts
– Tennis socks
– Drinks
– Tennis bag
– Tennis balls
– Tennis rackets


  • 1

    Once you are practicing how to play a slice in tennis, you need to start off with a continental grip. The continental grip can help you come under the ball easily. Grab your racket and simply stand in the middle of your court. 

  • 2

    Now whenever your opponent is playing a shot, you must make sure that your racket is high in the air. If your racket is as high as your shoulders, it is perfect for you to play a slice. 

  • 3

    Once the ball is played to you, swing the racket down and slice the ball. In other words, you will basically be chopping the ball in such a way that you can add spin to it. 

  • 4

    The chop must start from above your shoulders and end above your waist. It depends whether you are playing with your backhand or forehand.

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    Once you slice the ball you will notice that it will not travel with a lot of speed, and will be extremely low. There are chances that you might hit the net for the first few times, but once it starts crossing the net, it will be hard for your opponent to play an agressive shot.

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