How to Honor Sitar Teachers

Music is not all about playing different instruments and singing a melodious song. It has a long history with great cultural traditions. There are individuals who have devoted their lives for this art. If you are a music lover, you must always show tremendous amount of respect to the musicians and those who have expertise in this field. Music is a culture itself.

Sitar is not an easy instrument to play. The sitar gurus are given great respect all across the globe. Especially the Indians called it a sacred instrument, and treat the sitar gurus just like gods. If you are interested in playing sitar, you first of all need to learn how to honor the teachers.


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    Traditionally, the sitar is played after sitting on the floor. It is better to spread a neat carpet on the floor to prepare an area for the sitar teacher to sit. You should always provide some cushions to comfort him/her.

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    Take your shoes off before sitting with your sitar teacher. The Indians, in particular, avoid touching the instrument with their feet. Since the feet are the bottom of the body, they consider them dirty. Make sure your feet don’t touch your teacher when you guys sit side by side. It is considered to be an insulting act.

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    Don’t disturb your guru, when he/she is playing. The sitar players are creative and do thing in a flow. It is not a good idea to stop the guru when he/she is playing a nice piece of music. You may write down your question and ask when he/she finishes.

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    Introduce your sitar teacher to your friends, but with great respect. It will surely make your teacher feel honored. Request your guru to play something for your mates.

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    Invite the sitar teacher as guest to your school’s music event. If your school is organizing a music competition, you can ask your guru to take part as a judge.

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    One can write a special article in the honor of his/her sitar teacher. Publish the article on your blog to show how much respect you have. Ask the guru to sign music books for you.

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    You can also honor your sitar teacher by dedicating your music project to his/her. Say thanks to your teacher at the start of your own sitar performance.

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