How to Identify Types of Electrical Receptacles

You should be able to identify basic electrical receptacles before installation of electrical outlets at your home or office. These are basic receptacles but very important for your safety and safety of your equipment. For example, for installation of electrical outlets in kitchen and other areas where water is present in extra amount, use ground fault circuit interrupt (GFCI) receptacles. They are the recommended receptacles as per safety and security guidelines and you must not violate the guidelines because it can lead to some serious and harmful consequences.


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    Take note of the electrical outlets in the in the area where water is present in extra quantity and use GFCI receptacles. You should know about these basic steps before starting work of the outlet installation, otherwise get the job done professionally.

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    You can use standard electrical receptacles in living room, drying room or other places where no water is generally running. However, make sure you install outlets at carefully selected places, which are not easily accessed by children. Also, do not install outlets down too narrow with the floor, they can cause safety risk.

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    Search about different types of receptacles, the place for their use and other basic steps. Knowing this information is important for you to successfully install the outlets and ensure safety and security of your equipment. The general health safety and security guidelines do not permit installation of wrong electrical receptacles, which you can only avoid while being able to identify them.

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    After you are able to identify the receptacles, you can ask at the electrical equipment store specifically about them. If you follow a general guideline while identifying them, you can better be advised to use right type of receptacles in the identified locations. Also, make sure you test the equipment after the installation and do not leave faulty outlets there.

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    If you are unable to identify the electrical receptacles do not install the outlets. This can result in major safety lapse, and can possibly cause damage to your equipment and might also be safety risk for yourself and your family. Since the matter is very sensitive, do not continue the installation work on your own. Instead, get it done professionally. Generally, at the time of constructing a new home, contractors install outlets as per need. They are qualified and know how to identify the receptacles as per need of the location.

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    Use safety equipment and right tools while carrying out the installation and do not work with naked wires. Also, do not let your children near to you while carrying out the work, it can result into a safety risk for them.

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