How to Import Goods From Vietnam

Importing goods from other countries demand a lot of attention on those little details that you have to know in order to prevent any sort of harm to your business.

There are numerous hurdles that you will come across during your venture and there are complications that you will have to attend to in order to have a successful trade.

Vietnam is a country located on the eastern belt of Asia. The warm waters that surround the small country make trade easier as compared to the land locked countries. That fact gets signified by the industrial boom in that country. But it is a communist country and there are some rules which need to be understood very clearly.

One has also got to understand the regulations, tariffs, taxes and other policies that Vietnam has made for trade. Usually it so happens that the state issues its clients with a license that is approved by the federal government. If you or your company gets an approval for the license, you become eligible to import goods from Vietnam.


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    You will need to gather all your documents that the state requires for the import of goods. Once you have done so, submit the documents. Customs dossier and the original version of the importing plan which has been approved by the Ministry of Commerce should be included in the documentation that you submit.

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    There isn't any particular customs office that you have to contact, but will have to make sure that the agency you refer to is authentic.

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    While you set out to locate to locate the customs office, do your research on the inspection office. The Director of the Customs Department will decide your fate. You will have to get the goods that you import inspected from the factory or the warehouse.

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    You need to know if the goods that you are importing are liable to taxes or not. Some goods are duty free where as some are not. It’s your job to determine this.

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    If you get caught importing any banned goods, then you are likely to spend a lot of time behind bars depending on the extent of the offence. So make sure beforehand about the do's and the don't's.

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    You must be well prepared before you set out to import goods from Vietnam. If you leave things for the last minute then you are surely to get into some sort of a problem somewhere or the other. Foreign trade has some guideline rules and Vietnam is no exception to this fact. The regulation imports from Vietnam are legislated by both, the United States and the Vietnamese governments.

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