How to Improve Pass Blocking

If you are interested in playing any game, it is important to learn its basics otherwise you will struggle to become a thorough professional. Some people don’t focus on learning the game and they just participate in it for the sake of enjoyment. This is not a bad thing to do, but the learning process should never stop.

Every profession involves technicalities and you should be aware of them. In that way, you will be able to enjoy the game more than normal. Imagine you are sent into bat against some quality fast bowlers and you don’t know how to handle their speed and swing. Only luck can save you in that case, but you would know in your heart that you didn’t have the potential to face such an attack.

However, things will be completely different, if you know how to face quality fast bowlers even when the ball is swinging in the air and seaming off the wicket. If you are aware of the technique to face such a bowling attack, you will enjoy more than usual.

Similarly, there are a lot of amateur singers, who want to become professionals, but they don’t want to learn anything. Although some of them might be talented enough to shine because of extraordinary skills, yet most of them would probably fail to deliver in a talent show.

Therefore, it is important to learn music and singing before actually going into a competition.

Just like all these professions, National Football League (NFL) requires you to be technically equipped otherwise you will be unable to perform at the highest level. Moreover, this is a physical sport and there are chances of sustaining an injury, if you don’t follow the right methods of playing.

Pass blocking is a nice way of stopping the opposition from scoring a goal against you. You have to be active enough to lunge and prevent the ball from reaching the opponents.


  • 1

    Always expect the ball to come towards you

    You have to be active while playing, as your opponents could pass the ball to a player near you. So you can stop the pass and move forward to score for your own team.

  • 2

    Be aware of the opponents around

    When you are running to defend or score a goal, you should be aware of the competitors around you. They can be coming from any side, so look out for them.

  • 3

    Exercise to improve stamina

    It is important to do a lot of training in order to improve stamina.

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