How to Improve Your Body Image

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) declared that the concept of body image is what one perceives about his/her body and physical appearance. Therefore, it is of considerable importance that one should have a positive body image or start working hard to improve his/her appearance.

A person with a positive body image is deemed to have strong abilities and is considered healthy. In contrast, a person with negative body image also experience problems regarding the self-judgement, self-perception and shame. Not only that, the negative image can also lead you to several problems including personality disorders and depression.

Of course, accomplishing anything is not easy and one has to do the necessary hard work. In order to improve your body image, you need to improve yourself in various aspects of life. You should keep in mind that being the best in appearance and keeping your body fit demands gruelling struggle.


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    When stuck in negativity, people often became depressed and this just keeps getting worst. If not handled in time, these feelings can overwhelm anyone. Therefore, one should be very vigilant with such feelings. It is recommended that whenever you experience such feelings, take a paper and pen and start writing positive traits about yourself. You should start with writing positive comments about yourself, the wonderful experiences you had in life, your body and the people important to you. This will help in diverting your mind and overcoming the negative thoughts and you will be able to focus on your positive traits. You should be thankful to your body, whatever its shape may be, as it has helped you in various ways, consider recalling such incidents.

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    You should make a schedule for daily walk as this will help you in burning your fat, keeping you healthy and fit and make you stronger. Thus, a stronger mind will help you think positive.

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    Do not forget to wear clothes that are comfortable and fit you well. Your dressing should be very balanced as often too large or too small clothes create discomfort.

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    You should keep a healthy company and your friends circle should be filled with the positive role models.

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    Rather than going on dieting, you should try to eat healthy and do work outs as this will help you in having a good appearance.

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    Do not fall for the idea to weigh yourself unless advised by you medical consultant. A healthy diet with proper exercise is the key to fitness.

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