How to improve your debating skills

If you believe you are a fine debater, there is always room for improvement. You might want to learn a little more and polish yourself more than what you already are. Good debaters always keep improving themselves and this is not only through practice but also through certain tips which can be used to enhance your debating capabilities.


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    Always plan ahead. This will help you remain confident while you are debating. Make sure you take out time to go over everything at least once before finally giving your presentation.

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    Never say things which you don’t mean. You will always be more convincing when you don’t get confused.

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    Make sure that you quickly adapt to the surroundings and the situation that you are in. You might experience a lot of hitches during a debate and you need to overcome each and every single one of them.

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    Your tone is extremely important. There is a fine line between confidence and overconfidence; make sure you don’t cross that line.

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    Your body language says more than half the things which your face is saying. Your body language will easily explain to everyone whether you are nervous, angry, serious, or even non-serious. Make sure you set your body language perfectly.

  • 6

    Do not cross the respect barrier. This barrier is absolutely mandatory. If you want to point something out, make sure you are respecting your opponent and you do not interrupt him/her. Moreover, also make sure that you are never rude to this other person. Remember: If you can win a debate by agreeing to some of your opponent’s points, then you definitely deserved to win.

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    Whenever you are standing up there for a presentation and saying something, always make sure that you are backing everything with logic. Make sure that each and every argument you use is used before and has some backing attached to it. It is even better if you have written proof for everything that you say or do. If you are throwing random facts which have absolutely no logic, you will not only confuse the audience and your opponents, you will leave the stage with people having a negative impression about you.

  • 8

    Not interrupting someone while talking or while debating is a rule that should not be broken. You might have to say something extremely important but never cross the respect barrier. This means that whenever someone else is speaking, you remain quiet.

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