How to Improve Your Health as a Diabetic

Being a diabetic does not mean you cannot live a healthy life. Diabetes prevents you from eating certain edible items otherwise you have to go through some terrible times. To restrain from artificial sweeteners and taking in insulin are thought to be necessary routines for diabetic patients. It has also been noticed that your health starts to deteriorate after becoming diabetic. Certain practices and care can assist you to sustain a healthy living, while keeping your diabetes under control. You must realise that diabetes cannot be cured and the only thing you can do is to maintain the sugar level in your blood for maintaining your health.


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    Diet holds the most vital factor in your diabetes control program. You have to strictly follow the diet plan made by your physician and avoid overeating. Drink water along with meals to prevent eating too much.

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    Exercise is also necessary for diabetic patients. A daily workout of 30 minutes helps out to burn a lot of sugar in your blood and keep it under control. A brisk walk equally serves purpose but you must consult your doctor before engaging in more vigorous exercises.

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    Care should also be taking while doing exercise if you are also taking insulin or any other sugar-lowering drug. Physical workouts reduce blood sugar rapidly, so does insulin. A combination of both might drive you to serious problems, like hypoglycaemia. It is better to consult your doctor first.

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    Take your doctor’s prescribed medicines regularly on time. Keep checking and keeping record of your blood sugar levels regularly and keep in touch with your physician in times of any anomalies.

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    Go for regular eye, kidney and foot checkups and keep following your doctor’s instructions.

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    Go for haemoglobin A1c test at least every three months. Generally, a value under 6.5% is deemed recommendable but this value might vary person to person.

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    Quit smoking immediately. Smoking cigarettes increases sugar levels in your blood also damages your blood vessels. This can further cause many heart diseases and adversely affect blood circulation in your body. You are exposed to a greater danger if you have become a diabetic so it is strongly advised to stop smoking at your earliest.

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    Be aware of any symptoms for dangerously high or low sugar levels in your blood. High sugar symptoms include frequent thirst, hunger and urination, along with fatigue and irritability. Insulin dosage needs to be changed immediately with your doctor’s instructions.

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    Hyper blood sugar (abnormal raise in blood sugar) can be fatal for any diabetic patient and hence, you should be very watchful for it. Vomiting, nausea, diarrhoea and muscle cramps are some of the symptoms of hyper blood sugar and immediate medical treatment is needed under these conditions.

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