How to Improve Your Volleyball Game

Playing any sport at the highest level requires a lot of hard work. Even if you are not a professional, you need a lot of things to learn and practice in order to give a tough time to your opponents.

Other than knowing the technical aspects of the sport, it is important to be physically fit to compete at any level. One needs to have a good stamina, especially if the sport requires us to run a lot.

There are some sports in which you have to be in continuous motion otherwise your opponents will end up taking advantage of your laziness. One of these games is volleyball, which demands the players to be both physically and mentally active. You have to read the mind of your opponents and be proactive.

Although the players involved in volleyball don’t have to run much, their stamina is tested, as they have to move swiftly in a small court and jump around to keep the ball on the other side. Due to this, the athletes need to have sharp reflexes otherwise they won’t be able to compete against a stronger opposition.

Moreover, you need to have stronger forearms, as they are commonly used to lob the ball in the air. Therefore, you have to work hard on your fitness in order to enhance your abilities as a player.


  • 1

    Do proper training

    Training is essential in any sport, so it is better to join a proper club where you can play a learn volleyball. It will definitely help you to learn the game more and you will be in a position to challenge stronger opponents.

  • 2

    Exercise regularly

    In order to stay physically fit, hit the gym regularly and do a lot of running, which will help increasing your stamina. You don’t need to put on a lot of muscle, as that will restrict your body movement.

  • 3

    Practice makes perfect

    The more you practice, the better it is. Even though you feel that you have learnt everything in volleyball, continue practicing hard and you will be in a position to challenge the best in the business.

  • 4

    Focus on team work

    Since you have to play as a team in volleyball, it is important to focus on delivering stronger results as a group. You don’t have to compete as an individual, as that might result in damaging your reputation.

  • 5

    Understand your position

    Realise that what position suits you more. If you are tall, then it will be better to stay on the attack rather than staying behind.

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