How to Increase Blood in Your Body

You are feeling low everyday and the blood pressure isn’t up to the mark as well. It is a great problem especially for teenagers and adults who have to work extremely hard for the entire day considering the burden of study and job that can suck 24 hours like a piece of cake. You have to make sure that your blood levels in the body are normal because that will help you to save yourself from insomnia and nausea attacks. These two problems are found very normal in people nowadays because they don’t care about their diet and intake stuff at wrong times which is also as lethal as not eating at all.


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    Take three meals a day on time. You don’t have to skip anything. Your dieting is not an excuse to three meals a day. You have to eat food to make sure that your blood pressure is normal which will help the heart to pump blood at a normal rate otherwise it will mess up and make you lethargic which can cause problems. So, take three meals everyday with a decent food in every meal. Take a toast and a cup of juice in the morning. Eat something solid in lunch and eat something light at the dinner.

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    Eat salad with lunch. It helps to fulfil the requirement of vegetables in your body.

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    Eat fruits in between three meals. Eat an apple in between a breakfast and lunch. Eat a couple of bananas in the between the lunch and dinner. Eat a pomegranate or drink a glass of its juice at night. Do keep balance between meat and vegetables in the week. Don’t despise vegetables because they grow blood levels at a faster rate than the meat. However, both are important.

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    Drink water. You have to take 24 glasses of water in summers and 12 glasses of water in winter. There is no debate on those numbers because those are scientifically proved figures.

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    Vitamin B-12 tablets can also help you to improve the level of blood in your body but these should be the last option that you should be using. Natural diet should be your first option and you should try to not use medications unless they are required at every cost.

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    Iron supplements are also available at the markets so you can buy them and eat them with your meals. It will help you to increase blood levels as well.

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