How to Increase Pitching Velocity

Baseball is a sport that some may consider rather easy to play, but it is easily one of the hardest sports to be able to play properly.

Baseball requires two types of players, who can help each and every team get the edge over their opponents in any game.

These two players are pitchers and batters. Pitchers as the name suggests are those who pitch the ball, while the batters try and hit it out of the grounds.

On more than one occasion, it is usually considered relatively easy for teams to go on and find batters, since they can be found in abundance. However, it is almost always very hard to find pitchers, who have that extra something that can help teams win or lose games.

Despite curve balls being one of the favorite types of deliveries, it is the blistering fast ball that is sent in at maximum velocity that everyone loves the most.

It is not easy to be able to throw such a high velocity fast ball and it requires lots of hard work and practice before you can hope to match the speeds of the professional players out there.


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    Practice and focus on technique

    As is the case with anything, the first thing you really need to do and must do, is work on your technique. This is because throwing the ball incorrectly is going to sacrifice velocity and this is going to cause your pitch to not float at the velocity that it could have been flying in at.

    At the same time, the best way to be able to get your technique down to the level that you want, is to go out and practice as much as you possibly can. Not putting in enough practice won’t allow the technique to get stored in your brain and this can cause you to not perform to the best of your abilities.

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    Hit the gym

    Pitching requires the use of your bicep, shoulder and triceps. This is because these three muscles accumulate to make up your arm and training them in the gym, is going to help you throw faster.

    It is also important to remember that when you are in the gym, you are looking to build strength and not work on mass too much. Building too much mass will prevent you from being able to perform to the best of your ability and this is something you need to be very cautious about when weight training.

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