How to Increase Your IQ

IQ stands for intelligence quotient, in order to know it people go through several standardized tests designed for determining your actual intelligence. It is like testing your brain how much it can work when put in certain circumstances. These tests vary from general knowledge, arithmetic problems, memory or vocabulary related questions. Knowing IQ is now most common thing, there are lots of websites available where you can log in and check out your score. For improving IQ level you should practice more and more and take different challenges in your daily life.


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    Play games which require your brain usage, like scrabble, solving problems or memory based. This will make your brain work more and increase its capacity of thinking. Force your brain to think out of the box and let it do what you have never done before. You can simply practice it by winning a game once, try to challenge your score and break it next time or making the words that can make you score the most while playing scrabble.

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    Everything you think stores in your memory, and if you focus or concentrate on things you can expect better results from them as your brain makes chain of solutions in your brain to solve your problems. The most played memory game is Sudoku or crosswords, try becoming their master.

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    Play new games, the one you have never played before, because if you carry on doing a same thing, your brain stops working. So take risks and go for challenges. Logic games are good for improving your reasoning skills.

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    Read a lot, it will help in storing plenty of knowledge in your brain. It is used for gaining grounds in thinking and writing abilities. Reading increases your focus on things, but despite reading suspense thrillers go for the challenging books. It will update you with the vocabulary and make your way easier to understand and use it in your writings.

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    Get time for exercise daily, it is not only good for your physical health but helps you gaining mental health. Scientifically, when you exercise a hormone in your body called endorphin start secreting. This hormone affects your abilities to take challenging tasks and improves your cognitive abilities.

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    Omega-3 which is found in marine or plant oils is good for increasing your learning abilities, you can increase intake of fishes in order to improve your IQ level. Sleep properly, it also helps in making you smarter.

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