How to Install Track Lighting

The elegant designs of track lighting are true sign of versatility and are adorable addition to your home or rooms. So replacing the traditional lights of your house with the track lighting is no doubt a superb idea as it not only enhances the look of your house but provides with an opportunity to adjust it to desired location. Track lighting consists of multiple small lights that are easily adjustable and provide you with ample light.

Things Required:

– Track Lighting Package
– Screwdriver
– Screws or nuts – various sizes
– Template
– Lead pencil
– Electrical Drill Machine


  • 1

    First of all turn off the power supply of your house at the main circuit breaker. Now carefully remove the old lighting fixture.

  • 2

    It is the time to remove all the screws of the lighting fixture, holding the base to the wall or ceiling. Use a screwdriver for this purpose and unscrew the nuts carefully.

  • 3

    Now lower the fixture’s base from the box and let it hang from the wire.

  • 4

    Pull all the wires through the ceiling box and remove the electrical tape of the white, black and green wires from the back.

  • 5

    Use two to four screws to attach the mounting plate of the light to the ceiling or wall box.

  • 6

    Use the provided template to locate the exact position to mount the screws on the wall or ceiling and mark with a lead pencil. Bore a medium hole for mounting the toggle bolts in the wall or ceiling, using an electrical hand drill machine.

  • 7

    Place the track against the wall or ceiling and thread the screw through the drilled hole. Now push the toggle’s tip right through the hole into the ceiling or wall and tighten it with screwdriver to secure the track thoroughly. You can also follow the instruction given on the Track Lighting’s package for this step.

  • 8

    Pull the black wire through the end of the attached track and attach it to the brass-colored screw. Attach the white wire on the silver screw and the green one into the green screw.

  • 9

    Set up the cover-plate to the end of the track, using two medium screws. It helps in hiding the wires of the light from view.

  • 10

    Grab the track lighting and gently snap it into place on the track and then add light bulbs. Turn on the main breaker of your house, check the functioning of the light and aim the lights where desired.

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