How to Join the Floral Park Wednesday Mothers Club

Being a mother can be a hassle at times, especially for single mothers who are looking to relate to other women, and get some tips on how they can become more efficient at what they do.

There are many clubs and communities which have been designed especially for women and their kids, and present a great way for them to come together and establish lasting friendships, relationships and bonds. The Wednesday Mothers’ Club in Floral Park, New York, has been set up exactly for that purpose and joining it is relatively easy.


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    Learn About the Club

    Not everyone can be a part of the Floral Park Wednesday Mothers’ Club. You obviously have to be a mother and your children should be of pre-first grade age. Such women are eligible for membership due to various reasons that can be found out at the website,

    By visiting the website, one is able to find out what the Floral Park Wednesday Mothers’ Club really is, its purpose and how it helps women and young children.

    No club is without a specific purpose and the Floral park Wednesday Mothers’ Club is no different in this regard.

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    Like any other club, the Floral Park Wednesday Mothers’ Club is exclusive to its members and requires a fee to be paid. In this case, after qualifying to be a member, annual dues of $125 need to be paid.

    The enrolment process of new members is something the club takes pride in and does on a regular basis, without any waiting list or formalities that many other places have.

    For any specific details regarding membership, you can contact Co-Presidents of the Floral Park Wednesday Mothers’ Club, Maggie Weickert at 516-417-0348 or Stephanie Povalitis at 917-297-5200.

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    Once you are a member of the Floral Park Wednesday Mothers’ Club, you will be able to attend their meetings, which are held on Wednesdays from 9:30 to 11:30 am.

    Currently, there are approximately sixty members and 70 children of different ages that participate with their children and other women in various activities such as gym time, snack time, arts and crafts along with volunteering for various services.

    Some of the best known women around the area participate in this club, giving everyone around them extensive knowledge when it comes to being a mother and raising small children.

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