How to Keep Cool in Summer without Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner breaks down or an interruption in electric power occurs, a hot summer day can become unbearable or even dangerous. This can affect the very young and old people even more. A few small adjustments to the day’s practice can make a huge difference. If you are suffering through a summer without air conditioning, then there are a number of ways to cool down your house, along with tips to cool yourself.


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    Try to sleep in a cool environment

    If the heat is disturbing your sleep at night, get a fan for your room. A fan on a low setting will blow a light breeze in the room which can be very soothing. If you are not fond of direct blowing while sleeping, you can still cool your room by using a fan in your window to distribute fresh air. Also, place a little pillow in the refrigerator sometime before you go to sleep. Put a few plastic shopping bags over it to make sure ice do not form over the fabric.

    When you get up, take your bedding to the coolest room in the house and place the bed sheets and covers up so that every corner gets a little bit air. After that, remove them and put them on your bed before you sleep. It is also nice to use silk pillows as the fabric has a cool feel to it.

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    Use of water

    Water provides immediate relief, and will last for up to one hour or even more. You should drink water more often. Your body will feel cooler if you are properly hydrated. Eight ounces of water at least every hour is good for your body.

    Add mint leaves, oranges, lemon or cucumber slices to the water to make it more refreshing. Wet all your hair, as that will cool your head. Also use a water misting fan. Run cold water over your wrists for a bit on both hands. This will lower your body temperature for almost an hour.

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    Dress smartly

    There are a number of ways to dress or undress for the summers. This is the easiest and natural way to stay cool. Put on a swimsuit or just wear your underwear at home. You can also wear light colours or loosely-woven fabrics rather than polyester.

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