How to Keep Your Clunker Running Smoothly

Most of us at one time or another has had a car which barely passes as an automobile and is thus called a clunker. Due to financial or sentimental reasons we keep these so called clunkers around and expect them to give us a couple of years of continued service. The longer you keep a clunker it slowly becomes a part of you and creates a unique identity. Keeping your clunker running smoothly requires some basic maintenance and care that you can easily do if you are patient and have a good mechanic.


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    Change the oil:

    Oil is the lifeblood of your clunker. Be sure to regularly change the oil and filter for optimum performance from your clunker.

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    Use quality parts:

    Your clunker might be fairly old and thus finding good quality parts could be a difficult task. Search for a good auto parts store that sells original items designed for your clunker. Using quality parts will keep your clunker running smoothly.

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    Be gentle:

    We all have different styles of driving. Some of us drive slow while others like to race around like there is no tomorrow. Remember that your clunker has been around for quite a few years and if you want it running smoothly then you should definitely be gentle and drive easily. Take care of how you treat your clunker and it will take care of you in the long run.

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    Replace alternator:

    Most issues which occur with clunkers is due to the alternator being either old or just worn out. Replace the alternator and you will find that your clunker will be trouble free and running smoothly.

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    Check electrical system:

    Most clunkers have quite a bit of age on them and parts can get worn out. Regularly check the electrical system for worn out wires and fuses in your clunker. Replace anything that is not working properly.

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    Good mechanic:

    If you have a good mechanic that you trust and is knowledgeable about your particular clunker then consult with him when it comes to maintenance or repair. Having a good mechanic is crucial for serious repairs of your clunker. Be sure to get all of your work done by the same mechanic so that you can keep complete records.

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    Clean your clunker:

    Although you might be busy but try to set a little time to wash and wax your clunker. Be sure to clean out the interior and oil and squeaks that might be there. Keeping your clunker clean will ensure that it runs smoothly without any hassles.

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