How to Keep Your Restaurant Kitchen Clean

Keeping the kitchen clean in a restaurant is as important as any other activity. A dirty kitchen can leave a very bad impression on your customers. Furthermore, it can damage your reputation in the market. There are also chances of food getting poisoned or spoiled in an untidy kitchen. Ensure food handling standards by using approved detergents and set up a cleaning system for your employees. Keeping your restaurant kitchen clean is simple. Consider following some basic instructions and tips to keep the kitchen clean and give yourself an edge in a highly competitive food industry.

Things Required:

– Cleaning supplies


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    Consider creating a list of every area in the kitchen that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. This list includes but is not limited to preparation stations, stoves, storage areas, refrigerators, ovens and washing areas. If possible, include room descriptions so it is easier for the employees to clean every part of the kitchen.

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    Now it is time for you to write down the cleaning task for each area of the kitchen included in the list. Scrub the prep table surface on a daily basis. This area should be sanitised to kill any harmful germs and bacteria. Scrub hard to make sure the preparation area is perfectly clean. Brush and mop the floor as you empty the rubbish bins. Keep the main preparations completely clean by wiping it down after using it during the day.

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    It is vital to assign a monthly, weekly and daily status to each cleaning task. For example, sweeping and mopping of the floor should be performed on a daily basis. Your restaurant kitchen floor is the first area the customers will notice and therefore it is extremely important to keep it clean at all times. Other cleaning activities can be done weekly or monthly. For example, checking the stock and cleaning the back areas of the restaurant is a weekly activity. Maintain and monitor the cleaning schedule to ensure that each and every corner of the kitchen is clean.

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    If possible, prepare daily checklists for each area in the restaurant kitchen. Train your employees appropriately. Explain to them why it is important to keep the kitchen nice and tidy. Before the end of the day, make sure all daily cleaning activities are performed. Ask the assistant manager to use the cleaning lists at the closing and opening times of the restaurant. Try to incorporate cleaning tasks in to the job description of the employees.

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    Assigning weekly cleaning tasks to individual employees is also a good idea but this should be done after training the them properly.

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